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Talk at Design Matters Copenhagen


Last September we had the pleasure to speak at Design Matters Copenhagen 2022, a design event quite different from your average conference! The set of speakers was amazing, with topics ranging from inclusive design, to colonialism to user experience. 

There, we had the opportunity to talk about one of our earliest projects: Redesigning Racist Brands. In Design Matters words: “A talk about racism and graphic design: how Sharp & Sour set to (unofficially) redesign three different Spanish food brands depicting racist stereotypes with a mission to prove that brand recognition is not an excuse for dated aesthetics and bigotry.

From the challenges they faced as white people talking about racism to the repercussions the project had in social media, the designers will reflect on what the role of graphic design must be in our current society.”

We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and having met such a group of inspiring designers. Big shoutout to the nicest team, especially Giorgia Lombardo, Michael Christiansen and the best host ever, Sam Horner. Also shoutout to Lucia Mbomio (second and third picture), who actually inspired us to start this project

Image credits: Design Matters Copenhagen 
“The subtle way in which design impacts our lives is bigger than we may think (…) Because design is political and design is definitely not innocent.”