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October 22, 2020

Synesthetic Spoons

Taste again

Synesthetic Spoons is a project designed to improve the eating experience of those who have partially or completely lost their sense of taste. We found this topic specially relevant as so many people have been affected as a result of Covid-19 during 2020.


Speculative Design, 3D visualization




But also those who went through an accident, cancer and other kind of diseases can see their sense of taste completely altered or damaged. Following the principles of gastrophysics and our own intuition, we designed a set of spoons that, thanks to color and texture, psychologically influence the sense of taste.

Pink to boosts the perception of sweetness, sharp textures of bitterness and saltiness, etc. Bleeding edge technology such as nanotechnology would allow the same spoon to change color and texture with a simple flavor picker.

That way, depending on the dish in front of you, the spoon would morph to enhance the flavor of the food and, ultimately, bring back the joy of eating.

Tap to switch the device on and then swipe your finger left or right on the flavour picker to change between spoon flavours, and vertically for intensity.