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Panelists at Food Forever Evening Talks


Last June, we had the pleasure to share a round table on the future of food with chef Akwasi Brenya-Mensa and Tiziana Ulian from the Sustainable Use, Seeds and Solutions team at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Moderated by Dan Saladino, food journalist, presenter of BBC Radio 4’sThe Food Programme and author of “Eating to extinction”, we got to chat about how we think the future of food may look like at the iconic Temperate House at Kew Gardens. 

In Kew’s words: Looking to both our history and near futures, this panel explores how the crops we grow and the food we eat are changing at extraordinary rate. What can we learn from different food traditions and cultures to sustain future generations in a changing world?

Image credits. Top image: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Right Image: Visit Richmond.
“For this exhibition we really wanted to escape from the worn down sci-fi vision of the future and, instead, make it approachable to everyone through a colorful and friendly design.”