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Interview for It’s Nice That

“Fight from the inside-out or boycott brands? How graphic designers shape a more sustainable and ethical food system. As the individuals who create systems and visualise our culinary choices, do designers have a responsibility to turn the tables on the food industry and lead us to a place where our consumption no longer negatively impacts the planet?”


We are beyond excited to share this article from It’s Nice that, in which we had the opportunity to chat along other fellow designers about the implications of design in our society and how it can (hopefully) help in making this world a better place.

We were specially touched by the words of the great designer and educator Bruce Mau: A beautiful part of being a designer is to understand that I am part of something bigger. He also ads: We have the power to do incredible things and really solve problems in a way that hasn’t been done before. And we honestly we couldn’t agree more.

You can read the full here: How graphic designers shape a more sustainable and ethical food system

This article is part of the Culinary Culture and Community series, a series of features exploring how culinary culture provides a playground for creativity and community, from the television shows we watched as children to the chef’s whose recipes we devour today. Check out the whole series here.